Filorga NCTF 135HA

Hyaluronic acid is a major component of skin where it is involved in repairing damage. Age and exposure to UVB rays degrade hyaluronic acid production and have a detrimental effecton its continued production. Scientific research has shown that the main component of NCTF 135HA is also necessary for collagen production and is integral to the natural skinhydration process.
The medical community is administering hyaluronic acid at an ever increasing rate to aid in tissue repair and achieve anti-aging results.
NCTF 135HA uses highly purified hyaluronic acid which is obtained through bio-fermentation with no animal origins, resulting in perfect biocompatibility.

Filorga NCTF 135HA Benefits:

  1. 72% Fine Lines & Wrinkles Reduction
  2. 132% Improved Overall Hydration
  3. 256% Increased Collagen Synthesis (Redensification)
  4. 90% Anti Radical Protection (Cellular Protection)
  5. 366% Elastase Inhibitor Gene Expression (Regeneration)
  6. 102% Improvement Of Tonus
  7. 144% Improvement Of Brightness

The unique revitalizing formulation of Filorga’s NCTF 135 is associated with a number of factors that promote wrinkle repair and anti-aging benefits.

  • Fourteen vitamins
  • including A, B, C and E, stimulate vital cell functioning.
  • Twenty-four amino acids promote protein production which leads to increased amounts of elastin and collagen.
  • Two anti-oxidants
  • capture free-radicals, leading to greater health and longevity.


Mesotherapy is a biological and progressive treatment that requires a minimum of 6 sessions (3 months) in order for a skin to be maximally.

Phase 1. Initialize
4 sessions with an interval of 1 week to 15 days

Phase 2. Repair
2 sessions with a month interval

Phase 3. Maintain
1 sessions every 2 to 6 month

  • Determine suitable treatment intervals according to the indications of each patient.
  • Revitalizing mature skins requires a more recurrent treatment pace than younger skin
  • Duration of the treatment
  • typically a treatment lasts between 15 minutes and 30 minutes depending on the surface cutaneous area to treat.